Meet Mr. Peppercorn!


Mr. Peppercorn, an elementary school teacher, loves to travel during his summer vacations. He shares his adventures with his class in many ways.

During his cruise around the world this summer, Mr. Peppercorn writes to his students using entertaining postcards that are filled with clues about the places he visits. Can YOU guess where he is?

-Excerpt from the new children's book Mr. Peppercorn's Postcards

Yia sou! I am happy to say that I am your new third grade teacher. I hope your summer has been enjoyable and relaxing. Speaking of relaxing, I am spending my summer vacation on a cruise around the world. Today, we stopped in a country that has black sand beaches and I decided to lie on the sand for fun (I took a picture, too). Then I climbed a huge cliff to explore the houses that are built at the top. When you look out the windows of the houses here, all you see is sea! For lunch, I enjoyed a traditional salad filled with olives, lettuce, grape leaves, and feta cheese. For dessert, I tried baklava and yogurt - yum! I can't wait to share more with you and our class in a few weeks. Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation!